Part C, JiaFu Industrial Zone, High-tech Development Area,QingYuan City,GuangDong Province,China.


  • Part C, JiaFu Industrial Zone, High-tech Development Area,QingYuan City,GuangDong Province,China.
  • (0086)0763-3697000

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Company Introduction


Become a win-win and harmonious happiness platform for employees, customers, suppliers and enterprises


While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, we will contribute to the security of PCB electronic products and make all mankind happy.

core values

Integrity, responsibility and win-win

We have formulated a long-term company development strategy and long-term goals, to reliable pace of development and grow with you.
We are willing to:

1. Adhere to the people-oriented spirit, advocate a good outlook on life and values, so that employees and the company develop together;

2. Organize various professional knowledge, skills and management knowledge training activities on a regular basis to enhance the business knowledge and skills of employees and improve the organizational ability and management level of managers at all levels;

3. rich surplus at the same time of steady development, is also very pay attention to the occupational health of employees, formulate the corresponding prevention of occupational disease and reduce the occupational hazards of policy and management scheme, ensure compliance with occupational health and safety related laws and regulations and reduce occupational hazards to a great extent, efforts to create a safe and healthy work environment for employees;

4. Invest in the construction of Fuying Workers' Home, providing karaoke dance halls, Internet cafes, chess and card rooms and entertainment rooms for employees, regularly organizing all employees to travel, enriching their spare time life, providing couples' dormitory and children's playground for employees who have families, so as to solve their worries as far as possible;

5. Organize various beneficial recreational and sports activities every year, so that employees can have the opportunity to show their versatility, delight their mood, cultivate their sentiment, and promote the harmony of life after their tight work.