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Fuying Electronic made its debut in shenzhen exhibition center,which had a complete success!

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Shenzhen PCB industry association (SPCA) and TPCA Taiwan PCB association (TPCA), electronic information industry branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT) and Reed expo group (Reed Exhibitions),

In August 2015 from 25th to 27th,they hold  2015 shenzhen international PCB purchasing exhibition, Qingyuan Fuying Electronic co., LTD., was invited to the exhibition.

It's the first time for FuYing to participate in the exhibition, Fuying shows its unique advantages on medium and small batch of PCB, and it consolidates the existing cooperation relations, also unearths a large number of potential customers, which expands the market laid a foundation.

The attending an unprecedented, attracted a lot of electronics manufacturers at home and abroad to visit and participation.

Fuying Electronic in line with to the insight into the industry development direction and comprehensive grasp the PCB industry market pulse, focusing on exchanges and cooperation, making full use of this exhibition, communicating and negotiationg with customer , further enhancing its visibility and influence,

At the same time, in order to improve the structure of its products, play its own advantages,FuYing further understand the characteristics and demand of advanced enterprises ,.

In exhibition, more than 600 enterprises have communication with FuYing, and there are more than 200 showed a keen interest in it and have the cooperation intention.

The exhibition is FuYing's first show, and it had a complete success. FuFing's aim would still be : brand is based on product and service, customer demand first. FuYing will consolidate the achievement of exhibition and open up new market.

This exhibition we have made a great success! Thanks for everyone's effort and support! We firmly believe that the FuYing will go farther!

Let us struggle together, to create a new brilliance!